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The Week Ahead 6-12 December

6 Dec - Mars sextile Pluto

A great day for the release of unconscious material. You are eager and motivated to regenerate or revitalize qualities or gifts that were abandoned or repressed. This transit can also manifest as a need to renovate and “clean up”. Best day this month to get someone’s attention or get sought after approval on a proposal or project.

7 Dec - Mercury square Neptune

These two are not on the same page even though they want to be. You may be deceived today or you may choose to withhold important information. Choose your words carefully as they may be taken out of context. If you are being interviewed today for a job, let’s hope there’s a second interview as you are not getting the full picture.

8 Dec - Mars square Jupiter

This is the “bite off more than you can chew” transit. Mars in this aspect encourages Jupiter but not in a good way. We tend to overdo things and our behaviour is erratic and impulsive. Try not to overindulge or overspend. You may struggle to get a good night's sleep.

11 Dec - Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter, First Quarter Moon

Today I want you to remember that love is the most powerful and most healing emotion. If you create a safe space for the sharing of secrets and deep emotions, this transit will be powerful and regenerative. However, if you are grasping and manipulative, this transit may annihilate a close relationship.

The energy today though leans more towards a dynamic and positive outcome...

Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Aquarius will assist you in broadening your mind and understanding. Mercury and Jupiter want you to follow your curiosity. Your curiosity is likely to open doors for you today. The First Quarter Moon invites us to take those initial and necessary steps towards achieving a dream.




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