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The Week Ahead 7-13 Feb

08 Feb

Mars trine Uranus

Mars will agitate and catalyze a yearning for excitement and progress. This is the energy of strategic reorientation. New goals.

Begin. Do that "impossible" thing. I-AM-POSSIBLE.

An enlightened new perspective arrives; making you aware that you are capable of bigger things. Be courageous. If tension has been building up in some area of your life (look at houses ruled by Capricorn and Taurus for clues) you will experience release or take decisive action today that will result in liberation from a person or situation.

11 Feb

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury uncovers gems in Pluto’s underworld. Great day for journaling and exploring undercurrents of thoughts and perspective. You are more perceptive today. Pay attention. What is not being said is more important than what is being said.

12 Feb

Mercury trine North Node

You are making important, fated connections this week. Who is part of your hive? Who has entered your life recently? Allow your curiosity to guide you.




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