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The Week Ahead 7-13 March

There are currently four planets in Aquarius and three planets in Pisces. The Aquarian air combined with Piscean water facilitates the creation of rainbows which serve as bridges between lower and higher worlds both in a psychological and metaphysical sense.

Rainbows come from water but shine as iridescent light across the great expanse of sky; an emblem of hope and renewal.

7 March

We start off this week on a quiet note as the Moon in Taurus harmonizes with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. A good day for divination that straddles earth and water; a foot in the ocean, the other on land; a walk in nature, the baking and eating of cakes, the making of potions that invite compassion, the flow of abundance and peace.

Later this evening, the Moon squares Saturn and something may arise to challenge the peaceful vibe. You will be made aware of some limitation or news or a deep seated belief may threaten your sense of security. Choose to respond by anchoring yourself with meditation or journalling.

8 March

If you find yourself awake between the hours of 3-5am, the Universe asks for your cooperation in the co-creation of a better world. To be clear, everyone is invited to invoke peace, but if you find yourself wide eyed or struggling to sleep on this day, it’s because the Universe (and by this I mean whomever you worship) has an Ask or a special task for you. Pay attention to ideas and hunches this morning as these are clues to your true purpose or special task. The Moon is void-of-course until late morning (PT) when she enters Gemini. With the Moon in Gemini, you will feel more social and chatty.

9 March

Mercury enters Pisces

When Mercury travels through Neptune-ruled Pisces, our ability to understand symbols and perceive patterns is increased. This is a right-brain transit that sparks and expands creativity and imagination. Soul-nourishing energy. Expect vivid dreams and an increased need to pull away to muse, reflect and express yourself through art, dance and music.

11 March

The Moon enters Cancer just after noon PT and our thoughts shift to family, friends, dinners and tea parties :) A beautiful trine with Mercury makes this an especially lovely day for communicating our feelings.

12 March

Sun-Neptune conjunction culminates tomorrow. Open yourself up to the unseen realms and embrace your mystical kinship with all beings.

13 March

Sun-Neptune Conjunction. Neptune as the ambassador of Mystery dissolves and degrades beliefs that are impediments to the celebration of the Divine. Anything that prevents you from living more imaginatively and with devotion to ambiguity and possibility will be made visible by Sol’s illumination.