• Yolanda McAdam

The Week Ahead 8-14 November

Mars in Scorpio is currently in an applying square to Saturn in Aquarius at 7º and on Wednesday Mercury, also in Scorpio will join him. There’s a lot to break down here so let me start with Mercury square Saturn.

Whenever Mercury meets up with Saturn, the colour of our thinking deepens and the tone of conversation darkens as we turn to more practical concerns. Venus in Capricorn is also influencing this energetic mix. We recognize Venus in hard-working and responsible Capricorn when we find ourselves for example, compulsively checking our bank balance or mulling over our investments every few hours. This energy is good for methodical work and hard intellectual work or study.

Mars square Saturn can manifest in two ways: a pull towards silence and retreat (recommended). Or, depending on your own natal placements (the house governed by Scorpio or the planets sitting in Scorpio), this manifests as a supportive transit that is conducive to finishing or completing tasks. Don’t be surprised though if Mars-Saturn bring about frustrating encounters with higher-ups (authority figures). Your boss for example may come across as demanding and overly critical. At home and with loved ones, try to keep your conversations light because these two planets tend to reinforce the negative. You want to avoid negative feedback loops. This is not a good week for confrontations although you can bet that on the collective level this is going to be a deflating, tension-filled week.

Journal Work/Reflection for these transits: