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The Winter Solstice and Capricorn Season

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

All our celebrations and festivals originated either in religion or in our connection to Nature and her seasonal cycle. Take Christmas for example. Christmas is connected to the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice (21 December) is both the longest night of the year and the Sun’s birthday. It marks the turn from darkness toward the Light. In ancient Egypt, this astronomical event was Ra’s birthday (the Sun God) and the Romans celebrated the interplay of chaos and order in their Saturnalia which was celebrated from December 17-23.

Most people don’t know the true meaning or importance of this time of year. December is the month of Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is not necessarily a belief in Jesus but is an awareness of the Christ within - our Higher Self.

The archetype of this cycle is the Divine Child.

The Sun is metaphorically “reborn” at this time of year as the Divine Child. The Sun is said to be weak- like a newborn baby - but from December 21st grows in strength. We too, experience a rebirth at this time.

In myth, the Divine Child is either conceived by supernatural forces, is an orphan or an abandoned royal baby raised by humble shepherds or fishermen. Jesus’ story for example bears striking similarities with both the Babylonian Mithras (born of a virgin mother) and the Greek Dionysus (the son of Zeus and a mortal woman). In Hinduism, Ganesha is the divine son of Shiva and Parvati.

These births serve as reminders that we all carry a divine spark; that we are children of the Divine. The sense of being abandoned is our Higher Self’s longing for our Divine Parent. And it is at this time that we require - or rather the Divine Child within requires - acknowledgement and unconditional love.

The Winter Solstice is celebrated as Yule by pagans and Alban Arthan by Celtic Druids.

Try this…

At this time of year we have the opportunity to reconnect to the Divine Child within; to recommit to nurturing that precious spark into a fully actualized Self. Our sense of Self is connected to the Sun in astrology. Just as the birth of the Sun is celebrated on the Winter Solstice, so are we encouraged to celebrate our Divine Self.


The primary Shadow element that arises at this time, especially if we have not fostered relationships within our community, is abandonment. This shadow element has been brought painfully to light because of the pandemic. Consider the ways you can build or rebuild connections with others that will assist you in finding a sense of safety and security.

A false belief that commonly arises at this time sounds something like this:

Nothing I do results in me being seen for who I am and for what I can do.

Recognize this for what it is:

The Divine Child seeking validation from others when what is most required is self-validation.

You are a child of the Supreme Creator. A divine spark burns inside you. You need only affirm this to fan the flame.

The Winter Solstice is the official start of Winter. As we face colder temps, we must remember that the outer world can, if we allow it, manifest as an inner Winter. Choose to engage in activities that help you thrive on every level. Stay engaged with your community. Volunteer your time and/or visit neighbours. Keep the light of hope alive within yourself and nurture it in others.

Yule Rituals

Light candles in honour of the Sun, which lives not only in the starry firmament but also within you. You also want to light candles, to bring in more of the element of Fire as this time of year, is Water heavy. Candle colours should ideally represent the season and the Sun. Colours are red, green, white and gold. Decorate and burn a Yule log. You can choose any type of wood to burn. I personally have a preference for Pine for sentimental reasons (my grandparents burned pine at this time of year) but also because it is associated with spiritual awakening, joy and success) while also being Saturn-ruled. (A personal nod to the festival of Saturnalia).

If you can’t burn wood, create a dried orange garland. Oranges symbolize the Sun.

“Yule” came from the Norse word hweol, meaning wheel. The Norse believed that the sun was a great wheel of fire that rolled towards and then away from the earth.
History – Christmas Traditions Worldwide


The best time to begin weaving a stronger relationship with the land is in Winter and not, in Spring. Anyone who lives in close relationship with the land recognizes this truth. Water is the element most associated with Winter. It is the element of psychic conductivity and spiritual reciprocity. It is when we are most psychically connected to our Mother; to the watery womb from which we have emerged.

In Winter the ground lies fallow, the land spirits retreat and the nonhuman beings retreat underground or into nests of scented pine needles and moss. We too are encouraged as our Mother’s human children to appreciate the quiet and the fertile darkness.

  • What seeds lie waiting to sprout during Imbolc/ the Vernal Equinox?

  • What do you hope to give birth to in the coming cycle? What part of you wishes to emerge?

For my Southern Hemisphere readers, you will be celebrating the Summer Solstice. Take a moment to recognize the work you have done so far, at this midpoint of Nature’s Great Cycle. This is a time of Acknowledgement of growth and Fulfillment. Reflect on and celebrate your victories, big or small.

December Astrology

The Winter Solstice marks the start of Capricorn season. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, Lord of Time. Saturn is the planet of order and structure. Capricorn enjoys bringing order to chaos which is why Capricorn is associated with both the CEO and the workaholic. Capricorn works toward mastery. They seek value and are capable of both recognizing value and increasing the value of tangible and intangible things. Needless to say, during Capricorn season we find ourselves contemplating both our contribution to our immediate community as well as our place in the world.

Planets in Capricorn strive for two things:

1. The most intentional use of Time

They recognize that our most valuable asset is Time and attempt to manage their time in the most effective and intentional way. Mercury in Capricorn for example, is a master at time management and planning.

2. Excellence

Look to the house in your natal chart occupied by Capricorn for clues as to the areas of your life that are areas of excellence and mastery - or where you strive to attain mastery. Venus in Capricorn in the 4th House for example is an extraordinary home maker.

The Capricorn Ingress Chart, Vancouver 8:01am PST

When the Sun enters Capricorn we officially start Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The ingress chart describes the energy for the next three months. The Moon is void and moving away from an opposition to Venus retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a Saturn-heavy chart. Sun, in Saturn-ruled Capricorn will join Venus and Pluto and Jupiter is in Aquarius, also Saturn-ruled. The tone for the next three months is sobering, slow and heavy. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and Moon-ruled people (Cancer Rising) will feel this the most. There is a need for slow, careful structuring; for bringing order to chaos. Moon opposite Venus, hints at the need to correct our approach towards relationships or a special relationship. Remember, planets in Capricorn strive for excellence which is not the same thing as perfection. Moon-Pluto opposition is an invitation to take the Underworld journey with Inanna. There is a build up of pressure. A need to release heavy emotions like jealousy and frustration. Information may come to light that will threaten our sense of rootedness and connection. This is a perfect cosmic alignment for emotional-release work. The Venus-Pluto conjunction will continue to impact people's relationships and finances. Financial gains are possible at this time.




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