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Total Lunar Eclipse 8 November, 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Happy astrological Samhain!

May your beloved ancestors continue to bless and guide you!

The Total Lunar Eclipse (8 Nov) begins at 3:02 PT when the Moon is at 16º Taurus and will last a maximum of three hours and forty minutes. Eclipses occur at New and Full Moons when the Moon is conjunct or very near her own node. A Total Lunar eclipse is a total blockage of the Sun by the Moon.

This is a noisy lunar eclipse with many planetary players. Here is a breakdown:

  • The Moon and Earth conjoin Uranus. Moon will amplify Uranian energy.

  • The Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus but Venus is in Scorpio, the sign where she is said to be in detriment.

  • Venus is not only in detriment, she is also within 8º of the Sun which means she is “combust” and will not have as much power or influence over this lunation. This is a strong indication that on both a collective and personal level we will find it difficult to achieve harmony or a sense of unity. Relationships will end - unexpectedly, thanks to Uranus, or will be completely transformed.

  • Uranus is the planet of rebellion, sudden insight, rapid change, innovation, independence and eccentricity.

  • Moon conjunct Uranus may lead to feelings of isolation. You may be feeling very alone or misunderstood. Your emotions may also be erratic. This will be especially true if you are a Cancer Sun or Rising.

  • A few hours after the eclipse, the Sun will be in a Superior conjunction with Mercury. Think back to Mercury’s Inferior Conjunction on 23-24 September as Mercury now brings closure or additional information.

  • Saturn in Aquarius in a waning square with Uranus is a final push to make necessary changes. This is especially true for Sun and Rising Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

  • Water and Earth dominate this eclipse chart and the Earth-Moon-Uranus conjunction may result in a catastrophic event within 3 months. Major flooding or Earthquake.

Because this eclipse occurs in Taurus, you can expect news regarding finances or property that will impact your sense of security and worth if you are a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - Sun or Rising). For example, you may learn you owe money or you may come into an inheritance for example.

A total eclipse often results in someone being “eclipsed” out of our lives or we experience a “wipeout” in the house in which the eclipse occurs in our birth chart. This is made more likely if you have planets conjunct the Moon or Sun ( 2-3 degrees). Check your birth chart to see if you have any planets or angles at 16º Taurus or Scorpio. Look at both Taurus and Scorpio because when one node is activated so is the other.

Squares can precipitate crises and the favorable aspects, sextiles and trines, usually bring positive experiences and new people into our lives.

If you have any planets conjunct Moon or Sun, things are already in motion for you. The Wheel of Fate is turning.

Mercury in Scorpio is a super sleuth, great for investigative journalists but not so great for anyone harboring secrets.



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