• Yolanda McAdam

Trial by fire - A Mars-inspired post

By now you’ve seen the terrifying images or are being directly impacted by the fires raging in the West Coast of the US. People and animals are losing their homes and lives. Even if you live a million miles away you can be sure that your spirit grieves at the destruction and loss because Hermetic law teaches us that what happens to one, happens to the many.

What we are all witnessing, from an astrological point of view, is Mars’ energy. This is Mars squaring off against Saturn and Pluto. The results of which are utter devastation. There’s nothing subtle about Mars when he wants our attention and let’s face it, nothing gets our attention faster than fire. I don’t know if you’ve ever been near a runaway fire but if you have you’ll know it’s probably as terrifying as being in an out-of-control plane spiralling down to earth. Years ago, I was staying at a lodge in the bush in Africa when a fire, sparked by dry lightning, threatened to consume us. What struck me as marvellous at the time was how everyone got involved. Guests, staff and neighbours all rushed to do what they could to stop the fire. There was no time for discussion or for bickering, We all knew we had to fight the fire or risk losing everything. Fire does that. It brings people together.