• Yolanda McAdam

Venus in Gemini (April - August 2020)

Venus danced into Gemini yesterday and will remain there for four months (3 April - 6 August 2020). This visit is extended because, in May, Venus will retrace her steps (retrograde) but for now let’s focus on Venus’s April charms.

Venus in Gemini is chatty, curious, flirty and fun-loving. We’re talking Margot Robbie and Kristen Bell sparkle and shine here (both have natal Venus in Gemini).

In Gemini, Venus reflects and answers to Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet.

Mercury is presently in Pisces and in detriment which means Mercury’s influence is weakened in this watery sign. Mercury’s tone will be subdued but soothing and the overall mood dreamy and poetic.

Venus in response will delight at this time in poetic and romantic exchanges. This is the time to write old-fashioned letters, read and write sonnets or quote Emily Dickinson and Rupi Kaur. This is also an excellent month to take your art online. Play your music, share your creations, read your stories.