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Venus in Leo Opposite Saturn in Aquarius

Leo rules the heart. Venus in Leo wants heart-centered sovereignty. What does sovereignty look and feel like? Does it look like Marie Antoinette eating cake while her people starve or does it look like an individual who leverages their privilege to be there for others? True sovereignty begins with loving yourself and extends beyond yourself in energetic waves of compassion and generosity to others. It is this last part - the extending of ourselves for the benefit of all beings that most concerns Saturn in Aquarius. In the sign of the Humanitarian and the Scientist, Saturn asks you to do what needs to be done for the Collective. Saturn here says, be a responsible and contributing member of your community. For example, get vaccinated.

In Leo, Venus is focused on pleasure and romance. She wants to feel good, smell good, look good… There’s a craving for capturing Instagram-worthy moments. This week we may find ourselves having to work harder than we want to or devote more of our time to a project that is less about pleasure and more about duty. Venus is applying to square Uranus in her home sign of Taurus. Here there is a strong pull towards hearth and home and growing roots but you may find instead that you will have to uproot yourself unexpectedly, a financial issue may come up or you may either find work or lose work. A square aspect while tense is a turning point so whatever comes up for you this week, take heart. This is the Universe adjusting your sails in the direction of your own true north. (Something further emphasized by Venus sextile the North Node in Gemini this week). People you meet this week are part of your soul group. Any guidance or advice received from friends and partners should be heeded as this is how the Universe will steer you towards your destiny. Pay attention.