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Venus in Sagittarius

Think back to last October. What did you want then? Do you still want that or has that goal lost it’s shine or become obsolete?

Every time Venus changes signs, she asks us to check in with ourselves.

Are you still aligned with your values or have your values changed and with them, your goals?

Venus is now in Sagittarius. She is much happier in the sign of The Archer because here she gets to express her need for harmony, beauty and unity in the manner of fire which is creative, open-hearted, fearless and vivacious. Sagittarius is the sign of The Seeker. We will all be longing for change, new things and new experiences during this transit.

Check which house falls in Sagittarius in your birth chart for clues on how to work with Venus during this transit:

1st House: Spoil yourself. Book a spa day. Extend that holiday.

2nd House: Buy something special and if it’s something connected to a talent or creative gift of yours even better!

3rd House: Meet up with friends. Spread joy in your community.

4th House: Renovate a room. Spoil your mother. Change your furniture. Get a new bed.

5th House: Take a course where you get to explore your creativity. Go on a date.

6th House: Improve your work environment. Surprise your work colleagues with cake. Fill your office with indoor plants.

7th House: Do something special with your partner.

8th House: Move on and out, if need be. Clean your house. If you’re planning on investing in shares now is a good time to do so.

9th House: Go on vacation or plan a vacation. Make space at home. You’ll be craving more light and air.

10th House: Ask for a promotion. Show your work.

11th House: Reach out to friends and make new contacts.

12th House: Perfect month for a retreat. Prioritize relaxation and self-care.




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