• Yolanda McAdam

Venus in Scorpio Opposite Uranus in Taurus (27 November, 2020)

Any major transit before an eclipse hints at what’s to come or what is already in the process of unfolding. The most significant transit this week occurs on the 27th when Venus in Scorpio at 7 degrees opposes Uranus in Taurus.

Let's start by talking about Venus in Scorpio because that’s where she is now. In Libra, Venus was trying to get along with others. If you were at odds with someone during her transit through harmony-loving Libra you probably found yourself extending the olive branch or trying hard to keep the peace.

However Venus in Scorpio is no longer interested in getting along with others “because it’s the right thing to do”. In the sign of the Scorpion (and the Phoenix) she wants the buffet and not "just" the salad.

She's interested in getting what she wants which in this case is an all-consuming union. Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars and as we know from myth, Mars and Venus are lovers, so in Scorpio Venus seeks to dissolve and become one with the special “other”. This is someone who wants to merge