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Venus in Taurus

This morning I ate rich, buttery croissants before heading into the forest where I found myself mesmerized by the spongy softness of moss and the blue and while pearls of grape hyacinth. This is Venus in Taurus action.

In Taurus, one of two home signs (the other is Libra), Venus encourages us to use all our senses and to take pleasure where we can.

Venus will be in Taurus from today, 14 April to 8 May.

We are encouraged to appreciate Mother Nature’s colours and shapes and textures. Go out and till your soil. Plant seeds. Sing with the birds. Enjoy shopping for and making delicious meals. Eat chocolate. Appreciate flavours, smells and sounds. Begin a long-term project. Invoke abundance by wearing a green gemstone like an aventurine or emerald and dab some cinnamon or orange oil on your wrists. Review your budget. Invite romance and peace with rose quartz. Believe in the power and efficacy of your voice and words to manifest beauty.

If you’re renovating, painting or crafting add comforting earth tones of green and brown. Adopt a plant. Reflect on The Empress and The Hierophant (tarot). Both symbolize different aspects of Venus in Taurus. The bounty of The Empress and the tradition-loving and practical Hierophant.




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