• Yolanda McAdam

Venus in Virgo

Venus glides into Virgo tomorrow (22 July) in practical attire and mask. Virgo is the sign of Venus’ Fall. This is because Venus in earthy, Mercury-ruled Virgo behaves in a fastidious manner (very concerned about accuracy, details and cleanliness). This can make Venus a fussy busy body.

Coming after a loud, splashy transit through Leo, Venus in Virgo asks us to adjust or make corrections. You may already feel pulled to balance the cheque book, rip out the carpets, double check facts, take that class or completely redo your kitchen.

Venus in Virgo is good for our health and wellbeing. She takes the necessary and practical steps to prevent dis-ease and is careful and even calculating in her approach to doing things.

Venus in Virgo is an expression of the Divine Feminine. We are encouraged to embrace and commit to conscious femininity as an inner experience (regardless of our gender) which is to say we must ground ourselves, plant seeds, move at a slower pace, perhaps move and work in a spiral formation that finds us turning back before we can move forward again. This is further highlighted by Venus’ opposition to Jupiter in Pisces, the sign of the unconscious and also what is hidden and beneath things. Venus in Virgo helps manifest the things that you are ready to give birth to.