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Venus Retrograde & Horoscopes

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Venus entered her retrograde shadow period at 5 degrees 20” in the sign of Gemini, on the 9th of April. The retrograde period is when from our perspective here on earth, a planet looks like it's moving backward. Retrograde motion is an apparent change in a planet’s orbit and not an actual change.

A shadow period in astrology is the specific period of time that occurs both before and after the retrograde period of a planet, starting when the planet first passes the degree of the zodiac that it will eventually retrograde back to and ending once it eventually passes the degree that it originally stationed retrograde at. Shadow periods are important because they’re seen as “extensions” of the retrograde period.

For astrologers, these periods are considered poor times to do anything associated with the planet in question.

Because Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and money (among other things), it’s best to learn to live with bad bangs for the next 4 months and ignore the flirty messages from that new follower on Twitter.

Venus will retrograde from 13 May - 25 June this year but her shadow period as mentioned started 9 April and will end 29 July.

Venus retrograde periods last approximately 40 days and are a time to focus on the inner work and not the outer work.

Venus is feminine, yin energy and represents creativity and unity. She's interested in getting people to relate. Joining people to create and procreate is her thing but in retrograde motion and in Gemini, the sign that rules the mind and communication, our desires and motives may be “off” or misguided.

It's worth noting that Venus retrograde has an approximate 8-year cycle which means Venus returns to the same exact zodiacal degree every 8 years.

Think back to April 2012. What was happening in your life then? Were you in a committed relationship? Are you still with that person? What has changed? How have your values changed?

Don’t be surprised if old lovers or friends reach out to you at this time. You will be wise to question why they are returning and be ready to bring closure to these relationships.

To get an idea of how Venus will affect you personally during this retrograde period look at what natal houses Venus is moving through.

Generally speaking during Venus retrograde you should avoid:

  • Getting engaged or married (there are a few exceptions to this)

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Starting new romantic relationships

  • Investing (Venus is the ruler of the second house of money and financial affairs). Use this time to review your investments but don’t make new investments or change your financial plan at this time.

  • Buying luxury items like a flashy car

The signs who will feel this retrograde period the most are the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) and anyone with planets on or very near the following degrees 5-6º, 20- 21º (Venus will station retrograde at 21° Gemini 50”)


Please read your sun sign and rising sign if you know it.


Venus will retrograde in your house of communications, siblings, neighbors, social interests.

How are you getting along with your sibling/s? How can you develop or improve upon the way you communicate and engage with others?


Venus will retrograde in your second house of income, finances, daily routines, and values.

Your attitude towards financial matters may be changing significantly over the next four months, as will your values.


Venus will retrograde in your first house of Self, appearance, health, and identity.

You may consider a make-over and will find yourself re-evaluating how you want to be perceived by others.


Venus will retrograde in your twelfth house of dreams, spirituality, karma and hidden agendas.

This is going to be a cathartic time in which you will learn something new about yourself. In order to heal fully, you may have to exhume old relationships for the purposes of re-examination.


Venus will retrograde in the eleventh house of groups, friendly engagements and hopes and dreams.

You may find yourself reassessing friendships and group affiliations. This is an excellent time to consider the way you receive love. What kind of people do you most want to attract and have in your life?


Venus will retrograde in the tenth house of public image, reputation, profession, and success.

This is an excellent time to reassess both your profession and reputation. How have your values changed over the last 8 years? What do you still hope to achieve?

It's likely you will be learning something new about the impression you make in the world.


Venus will retrograde in the ninth house of travel, higher education, and publishing.

You have a desire to expand and grow through diverse experiences and gain wisdom.

Your attitude towards religion, law and higher learning will be changing during this time.


Venus will retrograde in your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances, loans, and joint goals.

How are you managing any shared resources? Have you been willing to share and receive from others? This is a good time to explore ways to merge and unify with someone special and share.


Venus will retrograde in your seventh house of partnership and intimate, personal relations.

How are you getting along with others? Are these balanced relationships (equal give and take) or are you over- compromising and settling?


Anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.


Venus will retrograde in your sixth house of health, service, work, and organization. Venus invites you to think about your attitude and commitment to exercise, nutrition and work.

What needs to be reassessed or improved upon?


Venus will retrograde in your fifth house of love, fertility, flirting and pleasure.

You may be thinking about matters of the heart and focused on having fun but rather use this time to reassess what you really want from a lover/partner. You may find that your tastes have altered considerably and you will be drawn to fresh ideas and new people.


Venus will retrograde in your fourth house of domesticity, home life, and emotional matters.

This is the perfect time to recommit to your home. Consider brightening up (enlivening) your home with Venusian-inspired art, plants and beautiful prints and fabrics. What does “home” mean to you? And how do you build on your relationship to specific and much-loved places?




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