• Yolanda McAdam

Venus square Neptune

Updated: May 19, 2020

VENUS (planet of beauty, love, relationships, values, and more) squares NEPTUNE (planet of dreams, imagination, vision, and spirituality) this morning and will continue to engage amorphous Neptune throughout this month.

This aspect (Venus square Neptune) is exact on the following dates: May 3rd /4th, May 20th/ 22nd, and July 27th.

A square is both a challenging and dynamic aspect. Challenging in that you may experience conflict between parts of your personality and dynamic in that squares can result in action/ productivity.

On the collective or global level...

Venus in Gemini is actively seeking pleasure and unity and Neptune is granting her wish by blurring reality. The virus hasn't gone on vacation; it isn't dormant. It's still here and still thriving but this aspect between Venus and Neptune will get people to beh