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Venus square Neptune

Updated: May 19, 2020

VENUS (planet of beauty, love, relationships, values, and more) squares NEPTUNE (planet of dreams, imagination, vision, and spirituality) this morning and will continue to engage amorphous Neptune throughout this month.

This aspect (Venus square Neptune) is exact on the following dates: May 3rd /4th, May 20th/ 22nd, and July 27th.

A square is both a challenging and dynamic aspect. Challenging in that you may experience conflict between parts of your personality and dynamic in that squares can result in action/ productivity.

On the collective or global level...

Venus in Gemini is actively seeking pleasure and unity and Neptune is granting her wish by blurring reality. The virus hasn't gone on vacation; it isn't dormant. It's still here and still thriving but this aspect between Venus and Neptune will get people to behave as if everything is "ok" and governments will continue to ease lockdown rules. Make no mistake, these are times of illusion.

On a personal level...

Venus and Neptune are the lower and higher octave of each other, so the Muse may alight and stirs us to create something beautiful. There is potential for poetic self-expression and greater compassion for self and others.

Furthermore, VENUS square NEPTUNE can speak to:

Self-abuse, self-esteem and ecstatic self-loss


When we neglect to use our imagination (Neptune) to invoke beauty, love and authentic self-expression (Venus), Neptune shows up as addiction and melancholy. Excessive drinking and/or eating and substance abuse are ways we self-harm. Considering the times it’s easy to excuse addictive or indulgent behavior, but this dynamic cosmic pairing has shown up as a warning.

Too much of anything - drink, drugs, food, sex, porn, social media, etc - is never a good thing.


There is no such thing as a core, unchanging, and inflexible self. The Self is always evolving. If you’ve been defending cowardly or problematic behavior because you’re sticking to your labels like “I’m an introvert” or indulging in negative self-talk like “I’m unlovable” then here’s the invitation to change your mind.

Don’t settle into yourself.


Neptune is a god of dissolution. A trident-carrying illusionist. If you’ve ever been lost at sea or in the woods without a smartphone, compass or a constellation you will be familiar with angst-provoking feelings of disorientation. Most of us do everything we can to avoid confusion and disorientation because we’ve been led to believe that focus and willpower are preferable and useful. But in truth, losing sight of land or the path opens us up to new ways of seeing and being.

Ask yourself: What am I clinging to or holding onto that no longer makes sense (to cling or hold onto)?

How to work with this aspect:




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