• Yolanda McAdam

Venus Trine Jupiter (August 8)

Venus, the goddess of love, harmony and beauty and Jupiter, god of expansion, understanding and optimism are trine; a harmonious aspect.

Trine. A trine (abbrev. Tri) is an angle of 120° (1/3 of the 360° ecliptic), an orb of somewhere between 5° and 10° depending on the planets involved. The trine relates to what is natural and indicates harmony and ease.

This sweet-toned aspect is presently showering us with blessings. You may feel more optimistic about life, love and work and some of you may attract a new love or develop a strong attraction to something (a new way of living, a philosophy etc).

This aspect can also indicate "strokes of luck" and unexpected happy-making news.

To work with this bounty-full energy over the next 3 days, consider doing the following:

  • Be generous to yourself and others. Think generously, speak generously and act generously.