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Virgo Season

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The sun moves into Virgo on Friday (Aug 23) and a new way of doing illuminates our path.

The symbol for Virgo is the maiden and it’s an earth sign which means that like Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is, generally speaking (because remember our personalities are coloured by other planetary positions and aspects) practical, realistic, dependable, cautious and productive.

Virgo, however, is a mutable sign which means they're adaptive and flexible and love learning and experiencing new things.

Mercury, planet of communication and learning, rules Virgo (and Gemini). Virgo has an innate desire to express themselves which is why many are writers and journalists.

Since Virgo wants to help others, they also make wonderful healers, therapists and coaches. They’re really good at analyzing not only situations and people, but also themselves.

Challenges arise when they turn their attention inwards and leave it there too long. Inevitably, they find “undesirable traits” which they believe are best removed or cut off through self-punishment and self-criticism.

This means of course that because they can pick themselves apart, they can be quick to find fault in others too.

It’s a desire for perfectionism in all things that drives Virgo.

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So as we move into Virgo season, keep this in mind because remember we all have every sign in us.

When the sun moves into Virgo on Friday and with Mars in Virgo for another few weeks we are encouraged to get work done, in a focused, organized way.

And, in an uncluttered space.

While this is not the time for cutting corners at work keep in mind that a need for perfectionism could slow you down or even stop you before you even start.

Mars is urging you forward and a beautiful Mercury trine Jupiter this week will bless you with big ideas and inspire collaborative efforts.

This energy applies to relationships too. If what is holding you back from a commitment to a person or thing is a need for “perfect” then your unrealistic expectations are shackling you to a lifetime of unhappiness.

There's no such thing as perfect, only good enough.

Lastly, the astrology this week favours commitment.

Commitment to the person who makes your heart leap with joy, commitment to your art, commitment to doing better work and commitment to heal and serve.

Journal questions:

What are you holding space for this week? Who or what will you allow in?