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Week 16-20 November and Venus square Saturn

You may have noticed that Monday (16 Nov) and Tuesday (yesterday,17 Nov) were busy “message” days. You may have communicated via text or been on calls with more people than usual and many were probably women or the person that held most of your attention was a woman.

This is because the Moon in Sagittarius crossed over the South Node in Sagittarius. When the Sun crosses the South Node on December 8th, be on the lookout for important or interesting information from a man. On a collective level of course, this could mean hearing from a particular male politician or other prominent person and it will have something to do with endings.

The content and messages that are most appealing to you at this time may have a lot to do with the acquisition of knowledge or a course of study that you hope to start or master.

Yesterday’s Mercury/Uranus opposition could have also brought some unexpected news or surprising information. Furthermore, there is a good chance that you have had or will have one or two AHA! moments where things just kinda click for you.

Now let’s talk about tomorrow’s Venus square Saturn aspect (27 degrees Libra) because this energy invites us to tidy up and get organized.

Use the rest of this week, before eclipse season hits on November 30th to make plans for 2021 (at least Q1). A possible negative manifestation of this transit is laziness and relationship trouble around Venus’ ruled issues like money, appearances and values.

With organization, comes empowerment.

If you’ve been worried about money or waiting for a payout, things will improve when Venus sails past this meeting with Saturn and into Scorpio.