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Week Ahead 17-23 October

I was out yesterday gathering fallen leaves which happens to be one of my favourite Autumn things to do. Every witch knows how to use bay leaves for example but very little is written about or even shared about Autumn leaves. Fallen leaves can be used in waning or banishment magic. If you want to banish something from your life write it on a fallen leaf during a waning Moon and then burn it or watch it drift away.

If you are going to perform this simple spell, remember to ask the tree for permission and always leave an offering - like clean water.

Anyway I’m sharing this with you because the Sun will be at 25º Libra Tuesday the 18th and the Sabian symbol for this degree is Information In The Symbol Of An Autumn Leaf. I invite you to play with this symbol.

If you have some time tomorrow in between everything else (you will know what I mean by this when you read my week ahead predictions), get outdoors and gather a few leaves. Go ahead and tag me on social media (@yolandasastrology on IG). I'd love to see your leaves!

After you have gathered your leaves, spread them out on a table or on your porch and take a closer look at their shapes and colours. What stands out for you? Take note of the dominant colour, the dominant shape of the leaves, the trees they came from…

Read up on each tree and take special note of any folklore associated with that tree.

How does the folklore or magical properties associated with that tree line up with your current situation? What is the message?

This week’s astrology is a preview of next week’s solar eclipse. I will write a separate post on the upcoming solar eclipse but do know that whatever comes up for you this week is going to culminate next week. If there is a major theme going on especially around control and power then you may either put an end to coercion and manipulation or you will continue to live this theme for another 4 years. The current astrology speaks to power and oppression on a collective and personal level. You may be aware that someone is holding all the cards and you’re like a puppet on a string or conversely, you will be made aware that you are the person holding all the cards.

For the next three days Venus and the Sun are square Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Libra is trying to bring harmony to every situation but Pluto and the Sun (weak in Libra) are both fighting it out for supremacy. Pluto has the upper hand. Recognize that using coercion or power tactics is not how you show genuine love and affection. When you love someone you encourage and support their individuality.

If you are an artist, writer or in another creative profession, this square may assist you in getting a lot of work done. The kind of work that you will bring forth will be forged in the depths. You won't be writing or painting about surface things. Your work may be "darker" than usual.

Now before I continue, I want to speak a little about Uranus in Taurus here because Taurus is Venus-ruled and whatever is breaking your heart or pressing your buttons and pushing limits has to do with the house in which you find Taurus in your birth chart. In psychological astrology, Taurus is the sign associated with our Eden-like unconsciousness [1]. Uranus’ presence in Taurus can be compared to a light being turned on. What has been illuminated for you this year?

Pain and enlightenment come at the same time. You get to decide whether you’re going to flee back into the darkness of unconsciousness or if you’re going to rise from the ashes.

Quick guide to the HOUSES

1H: Self-image, Mood, Body

2H: Self-worth, Money, Material Possessions

3H: Communication, Siblings, Neighbours

4H: Home, Family, Mother

5H: Children, Creativity, Lovers

6H: Job, Health, Daily Routine

7H: Partner (Life and/or Business), Other people

8H: Sex, Death, Investments

9H: Higher Education, Beliefs, Religion/Spirituality

10H: Career, Reputation, Father

11H: Friends, Groups

12H: Secrets, Addictions, Ancestors

I always think of Ferdinand the Bull when I talk about Taurus. Ferdinand lives in his own fenced-off field. He is content with his lot - the grass, the flowers, the view…The fenced-off field represents our own psychic boundaries. Uranus is the unexpected bulldozer, tearing through our Eden. Things are happening in that house occupied by Taurus that require compromise. The bulldozer is there to clear new ground. If you work with Uranus, the boundary fence will be extended giving you more ground to play in. If you work against Uranus, your world will get smaller.

Saturn will station direct on Sunday. This means Saturn will change direction from retrograde motion to direct motion. When the Lord of Time slows down to change direction we are made acutely aware of the ticking clock. You may be trying to meet a deadline or three or - and this is a common manifestation of Saturn changing direction - you’re finding it hard to do anything at all. (This is made worse by a slow Mars). If you are Saturn-ruled (Aquarius or Capricorn Ascendant) you are very aware of time running out on a project or idea. If you are not, you will start feeling Saturn’s energy on Friday and this energy may manifest as a need to clean and organize.

[1] Idemon, Richard The Magic Thread




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