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Weekend Vibes 7/8 September

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The Moon is in Capricorn all weekend and you’ll be inspired to climb to the top of your own mountain of tasks but, chances are you won’t get as much done as you would like or even done to your specifications over the next few days.

And you can blame it on the sky.

Neptune in dreamy Pisces opposite a regimented lineup of planets in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) is making it especially hard to focus.

You’ll be feeling emotional, spacy or out-of-sorts and your bed or a cabin in the woods will beckon like a siren’s song.

Neptune is known as the planet of illusion and is associated with dreams, addictions and wishful thinking. But it’s also the planet of extrasensory perception, of poetry, mystery and magic.

Afloat in the deep Piscean ocean is both truth-teller and trickster. Neptune isn't big on commitment or goal-achievement. So pick up a paintbrush or pen or musical instrument and let your imagination roam.

Also, pay close attention to your dreams. They may have been or will be especially vivid or “strange”.

The Universe speaks in symbols. Look out for symbols of wisdom and transformation like butterflies, crows, dragonflies, owls and snakes in your dreams or in your waking life.

What holds true is this:

You're shedding old skin. You've outgrown your shell. And it's uncomfortable, even a little unsettling but it's happening for your highest good.

Journal Exercises:

How have you grown spiritually and mentally in the last 6 months?

How do you escape from the realities of life? What healthier or better alternatives can you put into practice starting today?




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