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Weekend Vibes (August 3/4)

Happy Weekend!

A practical and grounding Moon in Virgo will encourage you to start a project, make lists, clean out the garage or organize cupboards. Follow that cosmic energy as this Virgo Moon trine Uranus promises you will complete your projects to your satisfaction.

If getting your hands dirty this weekend is not on your agenda and you’re sun worshipping by a pool or on a beach, try to get your Leo -inspired musings and dreams down on paper (you can thank me later).

A lack of the element AIR, at this time, does indicate that you may be feeling dissatisfied with a close relationship or that you feel “burdened” by responsibilities and are struggling to put your frustration into words. Take the time to work through your feelings by writing them down (this Virgo Moon encourages thoughtful analysis) before talking about it.

Also, be aware that you could be coming across as disinterested or anti-social to people who care about you. Tap into the Leo energy of generosity and magnanimity and make a point of talking to and spending time with the people you love.

What are you choosing to do this weekend?


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