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Weekend Vibes Dec 14-15

There’s a dreamy and watery trine overhead that was exact yesterday (13/12) between Luna in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. In astrology, the Water element falls under the Yin polarity which is the less pejorative connotation for the feminine principle. Yin energy is receptive, introverted, right-brained and intuitive.

It is also a spiral. A non-linear approach to deeper understanding and wisdom. The spiral route is one of mystery. We find answers by paying attention to our dreams, feelings, and intuition.

The Divine Feminine reminds us here to turn our senses inward. This is an invitation to withdraw. While Mars in Scorpio can be assertive and dramatic, this trine has a softening and soothing effect. The warrior rests this weekend by a babbling brook.


What inside you wants to come out? What has been denied and repressed by your immediate circle or by the dominant culture? Be aware of feelings. Make space for them. Hold them.


Expect to wake up from ocean-fed dreams, magical pathways through watery landscapes and complicated love triangles.

If you feel inspired to create, this is a weekend of poetic language, of painting with watercolors and working through insights and revelations.




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