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Weekend Weather 5-7 August

Excerpt from substack:

When reading a chart, it’s easy to get caught up in the aspects; the square dances, the sword play …it’s like going to a party and finding yourself gravitating towards the loudest or most flamboyant guests. But it’s always a good idea to wind your way past the party people and greet the host. In astrology, the Sun is the host.

The Sun in Leo is very much the King on his throne. Sun in Leo affirms life; encourages boisterous and jubilant displays of joie de vivre. During Leo season, the air sags with heat. Birds ride currents of pollen. Bears are bolder. Flowers bellow and trumpet from gardens and sidewalks. The world clamors with noise. Look around. Observe. Because, our interpretation of planetary movements must start with where we are. Earth. In the forest, the blackberries and salmon berries are ripening and the acorns are clustering. How are we to respond to such abundance?

With gratitude. The Sun dictates the dress code. Garments of shimmering sunlight and red lipstick for passion and a hint of drama. The planets follow the king.

The Moon in Scorpio is at odds (opposition) with Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Both of these signs are concerned with attachment and desire. Both want to possess whatever and whomever they desire.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars so the Moon is currently answering to Mars (presently in Taurus). The Moon is making us desirous this weekend. She’s wanting something that she believes will bring her greater security, more pleasure or more power. She’s also square Saturn in Aquarius. Mars is pushing her to get what she wants through seduction and manipulation but Saturn isn’t falling for her tricks.

Mars is also testing Saturn’s patience. Mars is wanting something for himself (Taurus) while Saturn is interested in protecting the group (Aquarius). We can see this playing out in various political scenarios in the world today which I’m not getting into here, but let’s just say that Saturn is more powerful in his home sign of Aquarius than Mars in Taurus.

On the home front, you may be butting heads with someone who is not giving you what you want. And that could be anything from more help around the house to money or sex. Maybe the problem is with colleagues or your superiors at work.

But there is comfort at home or any place you call home - the woods, the garden - because Venus is sailing through Cancer. You will find pleasure in everyday chores like cooking.

The theme this weekend is possessions. It’s about identifying our most life-affirming and creative (Sun in Leo) possessions and using these to align ourselves with our most exciting (electrifying) future.

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