• Yolanda McAdam

Weekend Weather Feb 28- March 1

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Mercury continues to move backward through watery Pisces. Here Mercury has been scooping up mud and broken debris from the ocean floor but also treasure - shiny baubles worthy of closer inspection.

Venus, the planet of beauty, love and relationships is in a hard aspect all weekend with Pluto (death, transformation, breakdowns, and breakthroughs) and Saturn (Lord of Karma). Together these planets tell us that what is coming up for you now is rooted in previous trauma or in negative experiences with caregivers and/or people in positions of power. This of course also speaks to your childhood and those experiences that have left you wounded and feeling “unsafe”.

These squares are also potentially volatile which can lead to - specifically - sex-related crimes and vicious attacks. (Sadly we can expect an escalation of attacks on women and women's rights and on the LGBQT community).

Air and Fire signs are being asked to take a closer look at the things and people they cling to for the continuation of negative patterns and feelings. For many people, the perpetuation of struggle and misery feels “safe” and is preferable to having to face the unknown.