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Weekly Astro Weather (August 11 - 17)

I imagine you’ve been hesitating; one foot at the threshold of a particular doorway - a new career, a partnership, a lover, a house with a picket fence...this week you get to cross that threshold. You get to make your life larger.

The astrology this week in three words: generous, stimulating and loving.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion and good news stations direct today (ending its 4-month retrograde cycle) which happily means we all get to move forward on whatever stalled in April this year. This could be a project like a home renovation or even a relationship that showed promise but mysteriously lost its sparkle.

Expect greater clarity this coming week and an urge to move forward on whatever pulls your heartstrings.

Uranus, “The Awakener”, planet of disruption, breakthroughs and inventiveness goes retrograde in Taurus today. Uranus is not comfortable in this practical and earthy sign and is adjusting by slowly breaking down barriers and relandscaping the terrain.

Here is an invitation to revisit your own inner landscape. To reassess and weed out beliefs that no longer support you and a healthier, more inclusive vision for our world.

Taurus favours prudence, patience and endurance. Change will be slow but sticky.

This week, remember to practice those Taurean virtues - prudence, patience, endurance - when unexpected news arrives or a surprising message slides into your DMs.

The main event occurs Wednesday when Venus meets up with the Sun in fiery and passionate Leo and goes on to form a rare Yod, or Finger of God with Neptune and Pluto. On this day our Divine Mother lights up a path to love and healing. What follows this propitious day was meant to be.


  • (August 14) Write down all your love, abundance, beauty and relationship goals for the year ahead (as you would during a New Moon).

  • Burn a candle (red, white or yellow will do) while setting your intentions for the year ahead.

On Thursday, August 15, the Moon is full in the eccentric, altruistic and independent sign of Aquarius. I will write more on this coming Full Moon later this week, but consider the ways you hide or dim your light. Are you afraid of expressing your truth? Why?


Love is the salve and the key. Love wants you to grow. Love urges you forward, out of the nest, into the open. You are free to be all that you are.




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