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Weekly Astro Weather July 22 - 27

For many, Cancer season was a roller coaster of emotions caused primarily by delays, power plays, misunderstandings and accidents. The astrology for July was and continues to be mostly combative and provocative so if you end this month relatively unscathed consider yourself among the fortunate ones!

Mercury is still retrograde until July 31 in Cancer so we are not out of the murky waters quite yet. Expect stuff from your past or people to show up in person, in dreams or in your behaviour and thinking. You will be more inclined to reminisce (I see you paging through old family albums and stalking old lovers on Facebook) and many of you will plan to or have visited home recently - wherever “home” or the idea of home may be for you.

There is a definite pull to retrace your steps and revisit your life’s milestones and a spiritual urge to honour those who came before you. Give yourself the time to do so.


  • Listen to music that brings back joy full memories.

  • Close a chapter.

  • Watch Lilo & Stitch, The Addams Family, Yours, Mine & Ours

  • Read poetry and the works of Cancerian writers like Alice Munro, Ernest Hemingway and Henry David Thoreau.

Journal Entries:

What does “home” mean to you?

How would you define family?

How do you nurture yourself and those you care about?

Moon note:

With the moon in it’s Last Quarter phase (and Mercury Retrograde), now is not the time to start anything new or launch a product for example. It’s best to use the next few days (until the New Moon July 31) to make amends or let go of things you no longer need.

This is also a good week to release people who have revealed themselves to be unworthy of your love and attention.

When people show you who they are, believe them. - Maya Angelou

Leo season is now upon us (July 22 - Aug 23) and you are more than ready to wear your glad rags and express yourself!

The coming weeks are going to be your time to...


The cosmos invites us all to add a little pizzazz and drama and to express ourselves boldly during Leo season.

Astro highlights this week:

Mercury/Venus conjunction in Cancer (July 24)

There is a sweet and loving quality to this conjunction even though Mercury is retrograde. Expect a few declarations love, tokens of appreciation and/ or admiration from your favourite people but also DMs and bouquets from strangers and secret admirers alike.

Add to this cosmic mood by sharing your own feelings.

“I’m glad you are helps me realize how beautiful my world is.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

Mars trine Jupiter (July 25)

This aspect will have you itching to start something (a business, a creative project, a fire) but the timing is off (there are several VOID MOONS this week and both Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde). Best you hold off from starting something significant until August but you can plan and do any “backend” work (like build a website).

Venus in Leo (July 27)

Later this week Venus, named after the goddess of love, beauty and fertility will enter Leo. Leos generally speaking are creative, affectionate and passionate but they can also be demanding and shallow. So while this transit will have you reaching for your pens and paints or leaping onto the big stage and making Big Bold moves, here is a reminder that vulnerability and gentle persistence are way more attractive than brute force or arrogant posturing.

Create and believe in your work because you were born to do great things but do it for the right reasons. Anything started with the intention to "become famous or rich" is doomed to fail. Greatness comes from giving not from grasping and from the pure intention to serve and help.

What makes you come alive? What stirs your passion?

Do more of that.

Until next week, stay glorious!