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Weekly Weather Oct 28 - Nov 1

Let's begin by talking about last night's New Moon in Scorpio. At the start of this New Moon the sun at 4 degrees Scorpio opposed Uranus at 4 degrees Taurus. This opposition guarantees surprises and favours differentness.

I like to give you advance notice about new moons because this is (often but not always) the best time of every month to make wishes. However I am purposefully publishing this a little late because a new moon in Scorpio, on the same week as Samhain - when the veil between worlds is thinnest and the realms of the living and the dead intersect, has to be navigated with care and deep awareness.

There are in my experience, two potent and powerful New Moon events every year. The current one is one of these. Because the new moon is the best time to initiate things and start anew, in Scorpio it is asking you to consider what you really really want. Deep down. In your heart of hearts.

There is nothing wishy-washy or pretentious about this new moon. Remember, Scorpio rules sex, death, and transformation. Unresolved issues around any of these themes are likely coming up for you at this time.

This is a time of deep feelings. This is the time to grieve. To ask for forgiveness. To make amends. To tell your loved one you appreciate them. To honor your ancestors.

If feelings are absent at this time for example in a relationship or for a project you're working on, you're being asked to either letting it go or work on renewing your commitment and revitalizing your connection.

Today is a good day for journaling and for wish crafting but first, get to the bottom of what you truly want.

Try this:

In your journal answer the following:

For a long time, I have wished for ....

If I could have only one wish come true, it would be....

The Sun-Uranus opposition and Mercury preparing to retrograde later this week in Scorpio (Oct 31 - Nov 20) all highlight a need to be cautious with our thoughts, words and actions. It is interesting to note that all three Mercury retrogrades this year have taken place in water signs. Feelings are easily hurt at this time and water signs (Sun in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio) will feel this retrograde more so than other signs.

This is a time of breaks. Break downs in every sense and breakups are possible now. However gracious Venus blesses Mercury on Oct 29, hinting as she moves into Sagittarius at potentially life-altering and life-giving breakthroughs.

New Moon in Scorpio

What to wish for by sign today. Read this post on how to write your wishes.

Aries: intimacy, taxes, shared resources

Taurus: committed partnerships - romantic and business

Gemini: everyday routines, health, employment

Cancer: creativity, children

Leo: home and family life

Virgo: everyday communication, siblings

Libra: money and value

Scorpio: personal expression, image

Sagittarius: spirituality, subconscious issues, therapy

Capricorn: community, friendships

Aquarius: career and public image

Pisces: adventure, travel, publishing




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