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Welcome to Pisces Season

Pisces is considered to be the most mysterious and hard to define signs of the Zodiac and it's easy to see why from a symbolic perspective. Look up at the night sky and you’ll have a hard time knowing where the constellation of Pisces starts and ends because it’s so long and drawn out. It also doesn’t contain any bright stars making it hard to find. Now let's consider the fishes, which represent water sign Pisces.

Fish like humans are vertebrates. They are in possession of a backbone or spinal column and like humans they have distinct senses like sight, smell, hearing and taste. They are also in possession of a kinesthetic sense that helps them register tremors over great distances. Pisceans enjoy the same extraordinary ability to sense things before anyone else and are easily swept away by a rip-tide of emotion.

Ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces is acutely aware of the tension between the inner and outer realms. Jupiter assists Pisces in dreaming big and manifesting goals while Neptune helps raise the hidden treasures in the deep ocean of the unconscious. But these two planets are not on the same page. Jupiter wants confidence and regular trips to the beach while Neptune would prefer to drown in pleasure in the pearly-hued arms of sea-nymphs. A strong desire for communion with Spirit is why so many Pisceans struggle with addiction.

"I tend to be more sensitive toward others and what they’re going through."

– Rihanna (Pisces Sun)

A mutable sign, Pisces is adaptive and has a strong need for unity and completion. Like fish who are dependent on water to live, Pisceans dream of “fusing” with a special other and with the world around them. The experience they seek is spiritual in nature and more intense than a physical merging. So the more they try to bring things together, the more it seems like things fall apart. The reason this happens is because wisdom can only be acquired through experience and Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac represents wisdom and completion.

Pisceans when behaving from a higher consciousness are adaptive, creative, compassionate, intuitive and openhearted but when operating from low consciousness they can be needy, codependent, hypersensitive and vague. Pisceans come alive - like fish in water - when they are absorbed in higher goals that tap into the realm of compassion and empathy. A little known fact is that they make great leaders because they intuitively know what is needed.

Pisces season is the season for soulful exploration, for diving into the underwater world within and for paying close attention to your dreams and messages from the spirit world.

The feet are appointed to Pisces and it’s worth noting that the feet’s reflex points correspond with every region in the body - stomach, gall bladder, etc - and that massaging the feet can help treat illness.




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