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Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

Welcome to Sagittarius Season (November 22 - December 21)!

Sagittarius has always been part human and part animal. The Babylonians identified Sagittarius as their god Nergal, who was a half-human god and the Egyptians represented Sagittarius as a centaur-like creature with a lion’s head.

The Greeks decided that Sagittarius was the centaur Chiron, a son of Saturn, who was a beloved teacher and healer.

Sagittarians enjoy exploring beyond the known world. They imagine that what extends beyond the familiar is more exciting and potentially more joyous. This is because they are ruled by benefic Jupiter who is totally invested in educating and expanding beyond the boundaries of what seems possible.

While not everyone with a Sun or Moon in Sagittarius gets to travel the world, all have vivid imaginations that enliven their everyday experiences. Sagittarius is not the wild and determined flame of Aries, or the regal fire of Leo, Sagittarius is more like the Olympic flame; a symbol for spirit, knowledge and life.

They are curious, deeply caring about the people they love, direct, generous, optimistic and blessed with a great sense of humour. When they love someone they are protective and romantic but will only stay with a partner who is interesting. Sagittarian Moons in particular are very funny and love the Great Outdoors. They make great teachers, mentors, writers, speakers, politicians and religious or spiritual leaders.

Less desirable traits include being intolerant, self-righteous and commitment-phobic.

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The body area assigned to Sagittarius are the hips. Symbolically the hips are the boundary between the “upper” and “lower” body and higher vs base instincts. Sagittarians are called to find the “right stance” in their lives which means to live in accordance with their highest values.

What to do this Sagittarius Season:

  • Follow your curiosity

  • Try something new

  • Mentor someone or find a mentor

  • Spend time in nature




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