• Yolanda McAdam

Why Astrology?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

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What do you feel when you find yourself making eye contact with the Moon in her golden fullness? Does your heart expand with reverence when you gaze upon the Milky Way or do you scream with delight when you spot a shooting star?

The night sky has always intrigued us and filled us up with feelings like bliss and wonder. In the early days before pollution and the extinction of entire species, astrology and astronomy were studied as one and respected as science and revered as high art.

So what is astrology?

Astrology studies the relationship between the cycles of the celestial bodies and the affairs of people on earth. The purpose of learning astrology is to better know ourselves and our place in the cosmos. Astrology also teaches that we are born with gifts that can be given to the world by no other and that we are here to transform ourselves.

In the West, astrology was practiced in Babylon and Egypt before Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt and the near East unified the practice. *Hellenistic astrology spread throughout the Greco-Roman world and mixed easily with numerous philosophies and