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What is a spell? In its simplest form a spell is a wish or desire to bring about change. There are many reasons witches cast spells. Spells can help you achieve your goals, change the direction of your life and ward off threats. They’re also a lot of fun.


Spellcasting is a skill. To be a master spellcaster you have to follow a process. Now if you’re a Beginner witch or a magickal dabbler you probably think all you need is self-belief and the right correspondences. But there is a process to effective spellcasting. A badly constructed spell for example can have unwanted - if not disastrous effects. 


This self-paced email course is for you if you’re ready to get serious about the craft. Perfect for the magickal dabbler who knows they need guidance and structure or the witch who wants better results. 


Here’s what you will learn over 4 days:


  1. Preparation

  2. Planning your spell

  3. Casting your spell

  4. Closing - The proper way to end your spells

Investment: $14

Register now and get a FREE PDF of 7 Easy Money Spells!

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If you have purchased my courses before or live in Canada you can transfer payment via email to me. Click here is you prefer this payment option. 

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