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Chiron has confused the scientific community since his discovery on November 1st, 1977.

Originally classified as a planetoid, he was demoted soon after to an asteroid and then elevated to a comet. Nowadays he is aptly referred to as a Centaur. Centaurs are planetesimals located between Jupiter and Neptune. All this confusion has added many layers of meaning to Chiron’s placement in our birth charts.


Chiron in mythology


Chiron is the son of Saturn (Kronos) and the nymph Philyra. As is often the case in these ancient stories the beautiful nymph Philyra wanted nothing to do with her pursuer, Saturn, and transformed herself into a mare in an effort to get away from him. This did not work and Saturn, on finding her, transformed himself into a horse and nine months later, Philyra gave birth to a demi-god who was half human, half horse. His mother thought he was a monster and begged the Gods to transform her into a linden tree. Her wish was granted.

Chiron’s first wound was abandonment by both mother and father (Saturn was too busy being King of the Gods).

Fortunately Apollo the Sun God took pity on Chiron and helped raise him. Chiron became a popular and respected teacher and healer and he tutored not only Gods but many of the heroes we read about in myth like Hercules, Jason and Perseus. One day Hercules came to visit his teacher when a fight broke out among the centaurs (apparently over wine) and one of Hercules poison arrows accidentally struck Chiron in the leg. Years passed but despite his attempts to heal the gash in his leg Chiron could not and unable to endure the pain any longer begged Zeus to take away his immortality so he could die. Zeus (Jupiter) would only take his immortality away if Chiron traded places with Prometheus who had been condemned to a terrible fate of being tied to a rock where an eagle pecked away at his liver all day. Chiron traded places with Prometheus and relinquished his immortality.

Chiron, “the Wounded Healer'' is not only indicative of our deepest pain and perceived flaws but also how we in turn wound others. In this way we can see how Chiron reveals our shadow self.

Chiron’s return occurs every 50 years giving us the opportunity to finally heal emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds.

Join me on Saturday June 19th OR Saturday July 24th for a 1hr 30min workshop on Chiron. You will work with your birth chart and discover inspired ways of releasing your fears and integrating your shadow so you can heal. You will also receive a workbook. Space is limited to 12 people. 


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